Nutrition & Wellness Coaching

We offer nutrition programs, from general nutrition to specific goals, keeping your unique preferences and needs in mind. We do not hand out generic meal plans or promote any one diet. Our coaching and consultations are custom and designed for you.

Sample Nutrition Program Package includes:

  • Initial coaching session; goes over goals, needs, individual preferences, present habits and health; 45-60 minutes

  • Three follow-up sessions, every 2 weeks from initial session, to review progress, make adjustments, go over behavioral changes and habits, and to review food logs.

  • Single coaching sessions are also available. Please inquire for other coaching options.


We offer Coaching for Nutrition, Behavior, Mindset, Health and Wellness, Fitness, Lifestyle, or any combination of these. We incorporate coaching into our transformation programs, some personal training sessions, nutrition consults, and such. Providing coaching allows you to optimally reach and maintain your goals, which is why incorporating coaching sessions and programs is important. We are also now offering coaching sessions and programs in addition to and conjunction with personal training or nutrition plans!

Having a coach serves to:

  • Get you “unstuck”.

  • Keep you accountable.

  • Identify what is and isn’t working through a third person point of view and expertise.

  • Identify obstacles, barriers, causes of plateaus or lack of results.

  • Work on mindset and behavior change so that you can have lasting changes and results.

  • We guide and direct you through asking questions, providing expertise and guidelines as necessary, which hopefully lead you to figuring out solutions that you are driven to follow through with.

  • Develop strategies, guidelines, and plans.

  • Long-term success.

  • Inquire for costs and scheduling.


We provide various coaching programs from exercise and diet to mindset and lifestyle, both in person and online.