About Your Treatment 

Physical Therapy Evaluations

Most often, your physician will recommend therapy and will provide you with a referral or prescription for services. All Physical Therapy prescriptions are accepted regardless of who they are made out to.  If you receive a referral from a physician, please contact our office and set up an initial appointment.

Our policy is to make every effort to schedule your first appointment within 72 hours of your call. 

Direct Access

In South Carolina, you are entitled to see your physical therapist without a referral. We, naturally, want to foster relationships with our physicians and will contact them after the initial evaluation to keep them updated on your health status. If not appropriate for physical therapy, we will refer you to your physician for a medical work up. Often you can call your physician and let them know that you intend to go to therapy for an issue that you have been successfully treated for in the past.

Open communication with our physicians is key.

We ask that you arrive 15 minutes early for your first appointment

This is to complete any necessary paperwork. We also encourage you to dress comfortably. You will be treated by a licensed therapist who will perform a thorough therapy evaluation. Your first visit will usually take 45‐60 minutes. If you have any copies of x‐ray reports, MRI reports, or other tests, please bring those with you.

The Professionals who will be working with you

All services will be rendered by licensed physical therapists (PT) and physical therapist assistants (PTA). You will remain under the care of your initial PT who will also be assisted by a PTA. Our PTAs work closely with our PTs and provide care under the guidance of your PT. At our clinic, we also use PT aides. Their role is to assist the PTs and PTAs to keep our clinic more efficient and to keep your time in the clinic more comfortable.

Therapy Frequency

Most patients receive therapy service for 2 to 3 times per week for approximately 6 weeks. We perform re‐evaluations every 30 days to re‐assess your need for further therapy treatment and to update your treatment plans.

After Therapy

In our facility, we are able to offer many opportunities for you to progress and transition safely back into the activities you love such as golf, tennis, yoga, running, and general gym programs. Before you are discharged, we will be discussing the various services we offer to help you make that transition safely and fully.