Reap the benefits of a group training program at the Wellness Institute

What is Group Training? 
Resistance training workouts with just the right amount of cardio to help you with goals like fat loss, weight control, performance, and fitness. Sized small enough to be personalized while still working among other members. This is NOT just another fitness class, and it’s not a cardio class of sorts. Our class size limit is 15 people in a session.

So what are the benefits of Group Training? There are a handful.
Fun and social setting (or personal) - want to interact with others when you workout? Not a problem. Prefer to workout without distractions of others? Just the right-sized group will allow you space and ability to focus on your session, too. Meet new people, or bring a friend, coworker, or family member. 

Support and accountability - keeping the size moderate allows for things to be personal, which also means coaching that is semi-personal. Check-ins, communication, recommendations, guidelines, and pertinent education is available to all participants. Plus, you’re provided workouts when you miss class that you may do on your own at home or your community gym.

Structure - though each session is different, most group training programs run on some sort of program design structure. At Wellness Institute Fitness, we run on a 3- to 4-day training split, targeting the body in different ways over the week.

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group training

Achieve your fitness goals with our help and the encouragement of your fellow classmates!

Accommodates Variety - all ages and fitness levels are welcomed and fit in, as well as both men and women.

Targets Your Goals - including fitness, fat loss, weight control, performance and strength.

Quality and Results - focus is always on form and proper execution of exercise. It’s important to be challenged in your workouts. A coach can ensure you’re doing the exercises in the correct way, which you may not get in a large fitness class. 

Prime time to workout - in a group class, you can work out at prime time of the day when the coach is usually highly sought after.