We’re different and our treatments work!

The Wellness Institute has been helping members of our community achieve their health goals since 2014, and the testimonials you see here are just a fraction of the messages and thanks we’ve received. By offering physical rehabilitation services, we are able to help patients recover from injuries playing golf around Savannah, GA or swimming around Hilton Head Island. We’re also proud to offer sports rehab, personal training and nutrition, yoga, pilates, massage, and wellness coaching services.

In our video testimonials below, you’ll see firsthand the results that our rehabilitation and training programs are capable of and below are some of our favorite notes from past visitors, including reviews from Google and Facebook. If you have any questions about our services or have a personal story about New River Wellness Institute you would like to share, contact us today so we can add you to our testimonials.

Here’s what our patients have to say…

"I'm very happy with the graduated regime starting slow and eventually building my shoulder muscles with an interesting variety of motions and exercises."

Don N. February 2018

"Staff here helped me be more patient in accepting slow but steady progress in dealing with lymphedema from breast cancer and with pain from herniate discs and spinal stenosis. Kelly is terrific and has a magic touch! I'm now able to walk without pain. Everyone, including Maddie at the front desk, treats you like family. I felt welcomed the day I started and quickly became a recognized member of the Wellness Institute family. Maddie was always smiling to start our day. My therapist and assistants , Donna, Andrea, Kelly and Jamie, were excellent, caring and professional. At my graduation, Andrea taught my husband massage techniques for lymphedema. Thank you."

Barbara F. February 2018

“Maddie – Always a smile combined with efficiency. Also knowledgeable about all company/staff functions/scheduling thus a major source. Don’t lose her as the face and source of the Wellness Institute!
Erin – My initial contact did very well. But as I aged, she did her best and best it was. Degree of acts transferred me to Alan, I am problematic. Her daily attitude and professionalism is healing! She listens!
Alan – has been a continued source of evaluation. Altering my program as needed — I have multiple issues. Will confer for successful adjustment, but Alan has adjusted to my pains and will confer with my MD. Alan possibly really knows more than me.
Melinda – Has helped far beyond desk help! Constant professionalism and helpful to old confused folks — Me! Always willing to go the extra mile-thinks outside the box. Keeps folks coming.”

Peggi S. September 2017

“I’ve been to three other PT locations over the past 10 years, and the Wellness Institute far surpasses the others in professionalism, attentiveness, friendliness of staff, and overall patient care. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs PT services.”

Bennie H. July 2017

“Personal care was extremely sincere. Friendly staff and efficient (on time for appointments). Have recommended to several Sun City friends. Thank you for helping me.”

Lyndy D. July 2017

“At 73, I believed that my back pain was here to stay. Craig and Jenifer explained and showed me that I had joints that were not moving and the proper manipulation and exercise was all I needed. Today, my back feels well!”

Mary Jane J. June 2017

“The Wellness Institute is in a league of its own as far as physical therapy. The facility is state-of-the-art…a place you actually look forward to going. The staff is friendly and supportive and Craig and his team of PTs are Incredible. They are skilled, knowledgeable and committed to your recovery. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

Joanne B. February 2017

“The Wellness Institute is great!! Craig and his staff are as friendly as they are effective, whether working on what ails me or providing me with fitness tips that I will carry on for life. They know what therapy is all about! The center’s tennis and golf training areas are a real bonus, providing their patients with inspiration and training for the light at the end of the rehab tunnel.”

Gail B. February 2017

“Without a doubt, the physical therapy experience at the Wellness Institute is the best in the Lowcountry. From when you first walk in the door, Maddie and Melinda are ready for you. They will prepare you for your physical well-being, the first working your smile muscles. Then it’s off to the back, where employees with a vast amount of experience in “torture” will get you back into shape. As you leave, Maddie and Melinda will say goodbye in such a way, you’ll look forward to coming back for more.”

Bill C. January 2017

“Was a pleasure from the beginning until they finished with therapy. Great service. Peaceful place. Very clean facilities.”

Donald V. August 2016

“Outstanding in all ways. Great attitude and great people. I will keep referring friends. Coffee is quite good also!!”

Bill S. September 2016

“Kelly was a great help in guiding me through the proper way to do the exercise. The schedule seemed to work well and there were never too many people in at the same time. Equipment was usually available when needed. Thank you, and my shoulder thanks you!”

Karen D. December 2017

“Absolutely wonderful place – supportive, caring and encouraging. Love Alan, Erin and Kyle.”

Deb F. November 2017

“Your staff is remarkable. Every employee always seems busy and available to offer assistance. Kyle was particularly helpful and encouraging! He is remarkable and talented.”

Madelyn D. November 2017


“Maddie and Melinda the reception ladies, are wonderful, pleasant and efficient. Craig is incredibly knowledgeable and excellent communicator. Jen is a super therapist. Very strong hands. Kelly is an excellent therapist. Very knowledgeable. And the other assistants are very helpful and friendly.”

Chuck K. October 2017

“Thanks to all of you…especially the therapists who worked with me! As a team, you are all very kind, patient and extremely skillful. I am very appreciative of your dedication and hard work.”

Doris L. July 2017

“Tremendous experience – caring staff and excellent practitioners. Very delighted with results. Positive atmosphere. Very personable and professional.”

Angie H. June 2017

“Wonderful group! Craig is supportive and knows his business. Thanks, y’all.”

Mel W. June 2017

“I can’t begin to tell you how good the whole rehab center is. Especially the girls at the reception desk – Maddie and Melinda. They are not only beautiful, but very cordial and pleasant. No matter what happens, they always have a smile. The rest of the staff are also very good at what they do.”

Herman E. February 2017

“The level of service provided by Craig and all the staff is excellent. Everyone is professional, attentive and always kind.”

Alice D. January 2017

“I am very thankful for all the help the Wellness Institute has provided for me. Two years after my acute neck pain was resolved and continued biweekly care, I have been pain-free and able to function at work at play. Everyone involved in my care has been outstanding.”

Craig J. January 2017

"If it weren’t for Craig and his fabulous crew at the Wellness Institute, I would have never been able to accomplish this amazing feat [Ironman Triathlon]. They are truly remarkable and I am very thankful."

Stacie R. 2017

“Great people, excellent therapy! Smiling faces from the front desk to the back! Don’t get comfortable in the waiting room because you won’t be there long!”

Jeffrey R. November 2016

“Friendly, knowledgeable people. Excellent rehab program. 100% satisfied.”

Elword W. February 2016