Jump into action with our training classes

boot camp class at wellness institute

We are so excited about all of the fitness offerings we have this Spring! Get into shape with the help of our talented trainer Rachel Cantore at the Wellness Institute. You'll have fun and get fit at the same time!

Group Training
Strength and resistance training with a touch of cardio for fat loss, weight control, performance, and fitness goals.  Unlimited classes, affordable, home workouts, group coaching and accountability, fun social setting.

Core + 
Intensive class targeting the core beyond the six-pack including the deep abdominals, pelvic floor, glutes and back. If you want a tight and lean midsection, a strong center to protect and prevent injury, and to improve your overall training and sport performance this class will do the trick!

SMR Recovery
Self Myofascial Release using foam rollers and tennis/lacrosse balls.  Great for improving mobility, releasing tight body parts that stretching just can’t hit, and may speed and aid in recovery.
“Myofascial Release is a safe and very effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion.”

Personal Training
Single sessions or packages.  Target personal goals, safe exercise, accountability.  Custom training program design available.  Coaching for nutrition, health, and fitness available.


Group Training (45 min):            
6:30 a.m.: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
5:45 p.m.: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
8:30 a.m.: Saturday

CORE+ Class (30 min):                
6:30 p.m.: Tuesday

SMR Recovery (30 min):             
6:30 p.m.: Thursday

Personal Training by appointment

Contact Rachel Cantore for information on the training programs listed above: 630-300-8289, or RachelCantore@wellnessinstitutesc.com.